News of the Week; September 20, 2017


  1. Hollywood’s Use of “Stolen” Computer Technology Tests Ownership Theories: In a bid to dismiss a lawsuit, Disney, Fox, and Paramount distinguish between human and technological output.
  2. Hulu Becomes First Streaming Service To Win Best Drama Emmy For ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’
  3. To Fix Its Toxic Ad Problem, Facebook Must Break Itself
  4. Exclusive: Facebook Silences Rohingya Reports of Ethnic Cleansing – The social network says it’s committed to helping the world ‘share their stories.’ But when people from Burma’s oppressed minority post, their stories have a habit of disappearing.
  5. Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’: After being contacted by ProPublica, Facebook removed several anti-Semitic ad categories and promised to improve monitoring.
  6. Could Facebook Have Caught Its ‘Jew Hater’ Ad Targeting?: “Facebook can monitor the things it does that make it money.”
  7. Facebook’s Offensive Ad Targeting Options Go Far Beyond “Jew Haters”
  8. Trump Retweeted A Video From An Anti-Semitic Account Showing Him Hitting Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball: The original poster had previously tweeted several anti-trans and racist statements.
  9. The Real Trouble With Trump’s ‘Dark Post’ Facebook Ads
  10. Google Allowed Advertisers To Target People Searching Racist Phrases: Google prompted BuzzFeed News to run ads targeted to keywords like “black people ruin neighborhoods,” then allowed the campaign to go live.
  11. Facebook’s Reckoning Draws Nearer: Sooner or later, the company will be forced to take on the responsibilities that come with being the world’s dominant news distributor.
  12. ­Facebook’s war on free will: How technology is making our minds redundant
  13. Should Facebook Ads Be Regulated Like TV Commercials?: The company’s sales to a Russia-connected troll farm raise big questions about free speech in advertising and beyond.
  14. Alt-Right Twitter App Developers Sue Google After Gab.Ai App Is Kicked Out Of The Play Store
  15. Google Paid HTC $1.1 Billion To Turn Itself Into A Phone Maker
  16. Google/HTC deal is official, Google to acquire part of HTC’s smartphone team: $1.1 billion deal means HTC will still exist, while Google beefs up its hardware team.
  17. Female ex-Googlers sue, claiming sex discrimination: Three former Googlers say women were funneled into less lucrative “job ladders.”
  18. The Pao Effect Is What Happens After Lean In
  19. Lost Context: How Did We End Up Here?: Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms are out of control. That used to be a good thing. Now…not so much.
  20. Twitter rival Gab sues Google over app store rejection: Gab, an app popular with the alt-right, says Google violated antitrust law.
  21. Twitter rival Gab faces domain loss over extremist content: After anti-Semitic post, registrar gives Gab five days to find a new provider.
  22. The Super-Aggregators And The Russians
  23. Facebook’s Russia data: What Mueller may learn
  24. A Fishy Wikileaks Dump Targets Russia For A Change
  25. New Group Of Iranian Hackers Linked To Destructive Malware
  26. Snopes And The Search For Facts In A Post-Fact World
  27. Unwanted ads on Breitbart lead to massive click fraud revelations, Uber claims – Uber: We paid Fetch Media for “nonexistent, nonviewable, and/or fraudulent advertising.”
  28. Here’s a real-life, slimy example of Uber’s regulator-evading software: “In using Greyball, Uber has sullied its own reputation,” Portland says.
  29. Waymo wants Uber to pay $2.6 billion in damages—just for starters: It’s the first hint of what Waymo might want as compensation for alleged theft.
  30. Appeals court rejects Uber’s attempt to dodge trial: No arbitration – And, Levandowski can’t stop Waymo lawyers from reading a report on his startup.
  31. Faced with a trove of new evidence in Uber case, Waymo asks to delay trial 
  32. Uber: We don’t have to pay drivers based on rider fares – Contracts allow rider fares to be higher than what is known and paid to drivers.
  33. Drone delivery startup is about to begin commercial operations: Startup envisions hundreds of drone delivery stations across metro areas.
  34. Digital transformation: How machine learning could help change business – ML has more than just a learning curve to overcome before it transforms business.
  35. HTML5 DRM finally makes it as an official W3C Recommendation: 30.8% of W3C members disapproved of the decision.
  36. EFF Resigns From W3C After DRM In HTML Is Approved In Secret Vote
  37. HP Brings Back Obnoxious DRM That Cripples Competing Printer Cartridges
  38. Adding clickbait title isn’t false advertising or fraud on author Dankovich v. Keller, 2017 WL 4081852, No. 16-13395 E.D. Mich. Sept. 15, 2017 (Rebecca Tushnet)
  39. 5 reasons why people share fake photos during disasters
  40. Do the distracted boyfriend memes infringe copyright?
  41. The Blacklock’s Perfectly Predictable Costs Appeal Dismissal & a Preview of Potential Problems (Howard Knopf)
  42. The Senate Is Close To Undermining The Internet By Pretending To ‘Protect’ The Children
  43. Why SESTA Is Such A Bad Bill
  44. The Wrong Answer to a Serious Problem: Senator Wyden’s testimony to the Senate Committee on Commerce at the legislative hearing titled “S.1693, The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017”
  45. The Top Ten Myths About SESTA’s (S. 1693) Impact On Startups
  46. Senator Blumenthal Happy That SESTA Will Kill Small Internet Companies
  47. Is There A Single Online Service Not Put At Risk By SESTA?
  48. Free Software Foundation Europe Leads Call For Taxpayer-Funded Software To Be Licensed For Free Re-use
  49. The Sex Trafficking Fight Could Take Down A Bedrock Tech Law
  50. Music Industry Is Painting A Target On YouTube Ripping Sites, Despite Their Many Non-Infringing Uses
  51. YouTube Apologizes To ‘Red’ Subscribers Who Were Served Ads, Says Fix Is In The Works
  52. Yes, You Can Believe In Internet Freedom Without Being A Shill
  53. Regulating Hate Speech?
  54. The rise of AI is sparking an international arms race: Elon Musk thinks it’s the most likely cause of WWIII.
  55. The AI Chatbot Will Hire You Now
  56. AI: Scary for the Right Reasons
  57. AI built profiles for every individual is a reality
  58. AI Research Is In Desperate Need Of An Ethical Watchdog
  59. Can Competition Act address Big Data cases?
  60. Big data and Innovation: Implications for competition policy in Canada
  61. Big data may become big antitrust concern
  62. Google Chrome To Block Autoplay Videos With Sound Beginning In January
  63. Google Chrome will block autoplay video starting January 2018: Only muted video and user “interest in the media” will be allowed by default.
  64. Chrome Will Soon Block Autoplay Videos With Sound—Here’s Why You Should Be Worried
  65. YouTube TV, Now Available In Eight More Areas, Nears Completion Of US Rollout
  66. These Are The Types Of Influencers Who Get Paid Most Per Sponsored Post (Study)
  67. Snapchat Is Pulling Out All The Stops For This Year’s Emmy Awards
  68. Crowdfunding platform Patreon secures $60M investment
  69. Are We Asking Too Much From Defamation Law? Reputation Systems, Adr, Industry Regulation And Other Extra-Judicial Possibilities For Protecting Reputation In The Internet Age: Proposal For Reform (Emily Laidlaw)
  70. The Political Awakening of Silicon Valley: What happens when tech leaders, like Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, believe our system is broken? They treat it like a startup. 
  71. “Skip intro”: Netflix could’ve saved TV title sequences, but now it’s killing them
  72. Netflix Has Narcos Actors Threaten To Shoot The Families Of French People For Pirating The Show
  73. Vancouver Canucks, Perspective Films Offer Virtual Reality Views
  74. Baltimore Ravens Debut NFL’s First Augmented Reality Face Painting
  75. Mizuno Introduces Smart Baseball With Internal Pitch-Tracking Tech
  76. China’s Largest Messaging App ‘WeChat’ is Creating its Own AR Platform
  77. It looks like China is shutting down its blockchain economy: Leaked regulation orders Chinese Bitcoin exchanges to shut down.
  78. Bitcoin and Ethereum plunge on Chinese crackdown
  79. The Pirate Bay Added a CPU-Hijacking Bitcoin Miner to Some Pages
  80. Feds in California are aggressively going after Silk Road, AlphaBay vendors: Federal courthouse in Fresno is set to see a lot of action in coming months.
  81. Your Digital Millennium Copyright Registration May Be About To Expire
  82. Bored With Your Fitbit? These Cancer Researchers Aren’t
  83. About FaceID
  84. After 23 years, the Apple II gets another OS update: On 30th anniversary of Apple II GS, devoted developer releases ProDOS 2.4.
  85. The Pluralist Model of Speech Regulation: Free Speech in the Algorithmic Society (Jack Balkin)
  86. Free Speech in the Algorithmic Society: Big Data, Private Governance, and New School Speech Regulation (Jack Balkin)


  1. Quebec Superior Court Rules on the Concept of Fair Dealing in Relation to the Substantial Reproduction of Journalistic Works
  2. Off-Broadway ‘Grinch’ Parody Defeats Copyright Claims
  3. Joy in Who-Ville? Playwright Wins Fair Use Copyright Dispute in Parody of “Grinch” 
  4. Maradona sues Dolce&Gabbana over 2016 ‘MARADONA’ jersey 
  5. Monkey Selfie Case Settled Out Of Court, Questions Remain (Andres Guadamuz)
  6. Lawyer: Without The Monkey’s Approval, PETA Can’t Settle Monkey Selfie Case
  7. Monkey See, Monkey Do… Monkey Own? The Curious Case of Naruto v. Slater 
  8. Man who made “Pepe” wants his frog back, and he’ll use copyright to get it: Mike Cernovich won’t pay, threatens “to embarrass the f***” out of Pepe creator.
  9. With Court Ruling, Fan Subtitles Officially Copyright Infringement In Sweden
  10. Structural engineers score big as Federal Court recognizes and enforces copyright on structure of soccer complex
  11. Canadian Government Publications Still Don’t Belong To The People As Ottawa Maintains Its Iron Grip On Crown Copyright
  12. Melania Trump billboard removed in Croatia after legal action threatened
  13. ‘Racist’ Paddy Power Floyd Mayweather ad dealt knockout blow by ASA
  14. New patent review process has saved billions—so why is it under attack?: “Inter partes review” let a patent’s opponents be heard, without spending millions.
  15. Doubling (& Tripling) Down on Trademark Protection For Secret Menu Items–In-N-Out v. Smashburger 
  16. Yoko Ono halts sale of John Lemon lemonade: Polish company agrees to change its name to On Lemon after legal letters saying drink infringed trademark 
  17. Kim Kardashian West’s trade mark woes and the love-hate relationship between celebrities and IP
  18. New study claims Slender Man is in the commons, argues assertion of trademark rights “chills creativity”
  19. Charles Harder Loses Again: You Can’t Just File Defamation Lawsuits In A Random State Because You Like Its Statute Of Limitations
  20. Model Behaviour – Copyright infringement action brought against model Gigi Hadid
  21. Why Copyright Term Matters: Publisher Study Highlights Crucial Role of the Public Domain in Ontario Schools (Michael Geist)
  22. Buyer Beware: Make Sure Your Copyright Assignment Is Valid
  23. The Business of Fandom: How Teenage Girls Predict the Future of Culture
  24. 20 years in, Kid Rock, Eminem and ICP are politically relevant — and culturally divided
  25. How Amazon is becoming the third force in advertising, making the duopoly an oligopoly
  26. The Battle for Blade Runner
  27. Vermont State Police Rewrite Press Rules To Withhold As Much Information As Possible
  28. Bleistein, the Problem of Aesthetic Progress, and the Making of American Copyright Law (Barton Beebe)
  29. First application of the Canadian parody exception (Sabine Jacques)


  1.  Why Canadian cell phone bills are among the most expensive on the planet: As tech analyst Michael Geist has noted, cell phone companies keep raising prices ‘because they can’ 
  2. Toronto Star receives $65,000 fine for violating CRTC Do Not Call List rules
  3. Yet Another Report Says The Rate Of TV Cord Cutting Is Worse Than Anybody Thought
  4. “Fake” net neutrality comments at heart of lawsuit filed against FCC –  Lawsuit: FCC ignored public records request for data on mass comment uploads
  5. ‘I Want to Explode’ — A Roger Ailes Protégé Bares His Soul: Joe Lindsley was as close to the late Fox News chairman as anybody. Now, for the first time, he’s giving his account of their dramatic split.
  6. The transformation continues (Timothy Denton)
  7. Verizon Is Booting 8,500 Rural Customers Over Data Use, Including Some on ‘Unlimited’ Plans
  8. Verizon Hangs Up On Tens Of Thousands Of ‘Unlimited’ Wireless Customers For Using Too Much Data
  9. Comcast looks forward to more mergers during Trump presidency: Comcast VP is glad Trump is “less hostile” to mergers than Obama.
  10. Comcast said he used too much data—so he opted to live without home Internet: Man said he didn’t go over his data cap; Comcast told him to trust the meter.
  11. FCC’s New ‘Diversity Chair’ Has Long History Of Undermining Minority Consumers At Comcast’s Behest
  12. T-Mobile’s unlimited plan will soon let you use 50GB before slowdowns: T-Mobile leaps further ahead of Verizon and AT&T with more data before slowdowns.
  13. T-Mobile backtracks from plan to throttle Apple Watch speeds to 512kbps: T-Mobile initially planned $20 charge for watch LTE, but now it’ll be $10.
  14. Unlimited Data Customers Report Fewer Network Problems Than Capped Users
  15. SpaceX’s worldwide satellite broadband network may have a name: Starlink – Low-latency, gigabit network inches closer to commercialization.
  16. A telemarketer called my elevator: The emergency intercom started speaking to me in a voice I’ve heard a thousand times.


  1. EFF, ACLU Sue Government Over Warrantless Electronic Searches At The Border
  2. ISPs claim a privacy law would weaken online security and increase pop-ups: California to vote on privacy law opposed by AT&T, Comcast, Charter, and Verizon.
  3. Closely watched California Internet privacy bill dies in final minutes of legislative session
  4. California Sides With Comcast, Votes To Kill Broadband Privacy Law Favored By EFF
  5. ISPs can keep sharing your browsing history after California no-vote: Lawmakers fail to vote on opt-in rule that would protect your browsing history.
  6. Face Scanning Lawsuit Against Shutterfly Survives Motion to Dismiss
  7. Trump Administration Says It’s Classified If They Can Let The NSA Spy On Americans
  8. Equifax Officially Has No Excuse
  9. Oh Man, You’re Gonna Hate What Equifax Just Admitted About That Security Breach
  10. Equifax’s Chief Information Officer and Head of Security Are ‘Retiring’
  11. Equifax CIO, CSO “retire” in wake of huge security breach: Press release – “The company’s review of the facts is still ongoing.”
  12. DoNotPay chatbot adds feature allowing users to sue Equifax over data breach
  13. Scammers keep trying to sell fake Equifax facts: Site offers “proof” of access to Equifax data, but it all appears to be fake.
  14. FTC launches Equifax breach probe, warns consumers about credit scammers: Posing as Equifax employees, crooks are calling to verify your account information.
  15. Equifax sends breach victims to fake notification site
  16. Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers: Microsoft keeps up the challenges while Supreme Court remains silent.
  17. Secret Algorithms Are Deciding Criminal Trials and We’re Not Even Allowed to Test Their Accuracy (ACLU)
  18. EFF Asks Court: Can Prosecutors Hide Behind Trade Secret Privilege to Convict You? (EFF)
  19. Biased Algorithms Are Everywhere, and No One Seems to Care: The big companies developing them show no interest in fixing the problem.
  20. Ad industry “deeply concerned” about Safari’s new ad-tracking restrictions: Apple’s limits on tracking will “sabotage the economic model for the Internet.”
  21. How One Of Apple’s Key Privacy Safeguards Falls Short
  22. Infrared signals in surveillance cameras let malware jump network air gaps: aIR-Jumper weaves passwords and crypto keys into infrared signals.
  23. The CCleaner Malware Fiasco Targeted At Least 18 Specific Tech Firms
  24. NSA Employees Routinely Undermined ‘Non-Attributable’ Web Access With Personal Web Use
  25. How The NSA Built A Secret Surveillance Network For Ethiopia
  26. Trudeau needs to deliver on his access-to-information promises
  27. New law firm seeks would-be gov’t whistleblowers, requires Tor and SecureDrop: “We want to earn the trust of people who have been 20-year veterans at the NSA.”
  28. Most-wanted criminal arrested after posting Instagram video of himself: Officials obtained fugitive’s GPS coordinates after he took to social media.
  29. Apple’s FaceID Could Be A Powerful Tool For Mass Spying
  30. Software Has A Serious Supply-Chain Security Problem
  31. For $200 you can buy an NBA smart jersey and be a marketing pawn: Once activated, Nike knows where you live, and when and where jersey is scanned.
  32. Internet-Connected Toys: Cute, Cuddly and Inherently Insecure
  33. The Undue Influence of Surveillance Technology Companies on Policing (Elizabeth Joh)


  1. To tackle toxicity, Overwatch now mutes Xbox One players with bad Live rep
  2. Blizzard has taken disciplinary action against 480,000 Overwatch accounts: Jeff Kaplan’s team devotes “a tremendous amount of time and resources to punishing people,” and it’s slowing progress of the game
  3. Campo Santo’s DMCA strike against PewDiePie accepted by YouTube: Felix Kjellberg believes Campo Santo’s position wouldn’t “hold up in court” and amounts to abuse of the DMCA system
  4. Gaming YouTube must get its house in order: The risk posed by PewDiePie’s outbursts isn’t confined to his career; Google won’t tolerate a sector that keeps dragging down YouTube’s commercial prospects
  5. YouTube Gaming ups community-building tools with paid ‘sponsorships’
  6. Bungie Explains How Offensive Symbol Made Its Way Into Destiny 2: Vetting process didn’t catch image’s “vile derivation that has been repurposed by hate groups.”
  7. Bungie explains how a hate symbol ended up in Destiny 2
  8. Bungie promises deeper content vetting over Destiny 2 symbol: Bungie will conduct a process review after completely “scrubbing” the symbol from the game and promotional materials
  9. YouTube Launches Moneymaking Sponsorships For All “Eligible” Gaming Creators
  10. YouTube introduces Twitch-style sponsorship service for streamers: Trials of the $4.99 per month model have proven successful as platform abandons paid channel service
  11. In the wake of CSGO Lotto, FTC takes to Twitter to clarify its disclosure policy
  12. Russian Antifa Developed SharpShooter3D, A Nazi-Hunting Video Game
  13. Playing with politics: How real-world politics could improve your game
  14. “There will be hate you cannot control. In all honesty, it’s defeating”: Square Enix’s Amy Graves discusses the pressures community managers face ahead of her UKIE Careers Bar talk next week
  15. Why I deleted my Steam account: Valve’s dominance in the PC gaming space is made more harmful by its tolerance for toxic users
  16. Steam considers preventing review bombs, adds graphs instead: “In the end, we decided not to change the ways that players can review games, and instead focused on how potential purchasers can explore the review data.”
  17. Steam has a “review bomb” problem—but will today’s new feature fix it?: Follows a September 2016 overhaul which aimed to remove fraudulent reviews.
  18. Overwatch development hampered by toxic players, says director
  19. Overwatch now mutes Xbox One players with bad reputation: Further efforts to stem toxicity after revelation that abusive players hold back development
  20. Blizzard: Toxic Overwatch players are hurting the game’s development – This is why we can’t have nice things, apparently.
  21. Game: Interrupted – How a teenage gamer in the hottest new esport, Overwatch, became a reluctant icon for South Korea’s feminist movement.
  22. Video: How game communities build eSports scenes from the ground up
  23. As NFL ratings drop, a new internet study says young men like watching eSports more than traditional sports
  24. How Misfits went from League of Legends minnows to the World Championship: Team manager Joe Elouassi on managing burnout, the Overwatch League, and esports becoming an Olympic event
  25. Unity debuts open-source beta of a new machine learning AI toolkit
  26. Unity introduces Machine Learning Agents to help AI advancement: New feature goes into beta, primarily for researchers but engine firm keen to see what developers can do
  27. Battleborn is Battledead: Updates halted after ~16 months – Servers will stay up, but Gearbox seems to be transitioning to Borderlands 3.
  28. There’s Seemingly A NES Emulator And Game Hidden On Every Nintendo Switch
  29. Every Nintendo Switch appears to contain a hidden copy of NES Golf: What’s more, it might have a first for an emulated NES game – motion control.
  30. Hidden Switch game is actually a tribute to former Nintendo president: Unlock method seems designed to work only on July 11, the day Satoru Iwata died.
  31. How to (Maybe) Play the Super Secret Copy of NESGolf Hidden on Your Nintendo Switch
  32. Hackers Say Nintendo Switch Contains A Game That Unlocks On The Date Of Satoru Iwata’s Death
  33. The coming game cartridge renaissance?: Street Fighter II’s SNES rerelease could be the start of a trend.
  34. Nintendo Switch lands Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Plus, Nintendo’s Arcade Archives retro classics, red JoyCon, and a Pokemon-themed 2DS.
  35. Doom, Wolfenstein II and Honor of Kings boost Switch third-party line-up: Bethesda shows its commitment, while Tencent is bringing China’s most popular game to the platform as Arena of Valor
  36. Nintendo Switch, Madden can’t stop August sales dip – NPD: Despite Madden topping the charts and Switch continuing to sell, total US game sales fell 2%
  37. Nintendo spent an estimated $4.5m on TV ads in August – Report: According to Nintendo outspent other video game brands during the month to promote the new-look 2DS XL
  38. Nintendo shares riding nine-year high: Stock price closes the day up 7% as Switch maker tests heights not seen since the Wii’s heyday, considers Chinese expansion
  39. How Planet of the Apes is using console gamers to reach its real audience: The Imaginati’s Martin Alltimes talks us through the unusual business model behind narrative adventure spin-off Last Frontier
  40. Nintendo investors seem pumped about Tencent bringing its MOBA to Switch
  41. How much does it cost to develop a videogame?
  42. EA CEO Andrew Wilson joins Intel’s board of directors
  43. Hilarious, spectacular EVE betrayal destroys player group, costs trillions: Infighting and Cold War-style espionage led to largest theft in game’s history.
  44. ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Won’t Be Supporting PSVR Headsets After All
  45. No VR for Star Wars Battlefront II but still “very important” for Criterion: UK studio says Rogue One demo “informed” Starfighter Assault mode, but sequel will not support virtual reality
  46. Someone has created a VR headset for the Commodore 64
  47. Developer gets a Game Boy emulator running on the Apple Watch, because he can: “Giovanni” emulator doesn’t quite fit full speed or compatibility on Series 2.
  48. Report: Magic Leap Could Reach $6B Valuation, First Device Shipping in 6 Months to “small group of users”
  49. Niantic: “AR is not just visual” – Pokémon Go developer suggests that audio will play a vital role in the design of its next game
  50. Mind the gap: Fortnite error briefly allowed cross-platform PS4/XB1 play
  51. Error leads to Fortnite cross-platform play between Xbox and Playstation: Issue fixed but Xbox head “would have liked to see them leave it on”
  52. The iPhone X’s ‘notch’ is powered by the same tech as the Kinect
  53. Disruptor Beam: Big name IP is about player retention, not acquisition – CEO Jon Radoff shares takeaways from making mobile games for Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead
  54. How to launch a mobile game in multiple countries: Tappx CMO Ignasi Prat offers advice to developers hoping to release their app in as many markets as possible
  55. How has the flood of Steam games affected the average indie dev?
  56. Steam Direct fails to prevent revenue drop for indies: Average first month sales down by 39% since 2015, average naive revenue down by almost 50%
  57. Battlegrounds breaks the all-time Steam concurrent player record
  58. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds smashes Steam records for concurrent users: Surpasses Dota 2’s player peak by less than 50,000
  59. Steam adds histograms to address review bombing: Ability to see how user reviews change over time one step on the way toward prediction-based review scores
  60. Rovio values itself at $1bn ahead of IPO
  61. Developers say a Star Citizen guild did not get $45,000 refund: Cloud Imperium says refund was actually for just $330
  62. McLaren builds a virtual hypercar for the next Gran Turismo game
  63. Blizzard chief explains how he raised money to start the company
  64. Classic Postmortem: How Maxis avoided sequel-itis on The Sims 2
  65. The Life and Merciful Death of the Fad Controller
  66. “There’s no better environment than AAA to develop your skills”: Playground Games’ Nick Duncombe discusses the benefits of working at an established studio rather than forming your own ahead of his UKIE Careers Bar talk
  67. Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games: As we wait on a new Age of Empires this fall, let’s revisit the RTS genre’s highs and lows.
  68. Wireless PC Gaming At Lightspeed: Wireless mice that are now faster than wired
  69. How playing games can advance science
  70. How one man turns Garry’s Mod scenes into art
  71. The Most Popular Mod For Fallout 4 Is The One That Removes The Title Screen Crawl For Bethesda’s ‘Creation Club’
  72. Tracing the path an Israeli folk song took to end up in Japanese video games
  73. Humble has now raised over $100M for charity
  74. 15 practical pieces of advice, stuff that I learned the hard way
  75. 2 Games in 2 Months with a Stranger from Reddit
  76. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite isn’t the same without arcade-era pixel art – A look back at the Marvel vs Capcom series and the evolution of pixel art to 3D.
  77. Richard Garriott remembers calling his parents to settle a fight over Ultima IV’s design
  78. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants sports on television to look more like video games


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  1. rosanna chung

    For people interested in the Facebook Ad controversy, Wired recently published two pieces.
    I Helped Create Facebook’s Ad Machine. Here’s How I’d Fix It:
    Facebook’s Election Ad Overhaul Takes Crucial First Steps:

  2. lina khairallah

    Hey guys!
    Drawing from class this week I found quite an interesting article that highlights the pivotal impact of Digital Media. The article by CBC highlights a woman’s experience taking a digital media crash course that allowed her speak out as an Indigenous woman. Just a fun read that could help us touch on the ways that digital media may influence individuals.