Noor’s Journal – Third Entry

After spending time reading articles on news criticality and truthfulness, I came across an article written by Nonny de la Peña on Immersive Journalism. So what is Immersive Journalism? Immersive Journalism in this context is the use of digitized tools, such as Virtual Reality (VR) to mediate news content and information. To further elaborate on an example that uses VR, an individual […]

Osbert Journey 3

March 28, 2019 Yesterday, many articles were published online about Grindr, the most popular online dating application in the world for queer and gay men, being forced to sell due to US security concerns. The app Grindr was first developed and based in the United States in 2009. It became widely successful all around the […]

Osbert Journey 2

February 25, 2019   I read a recent article talking about why people are giving up on online dating. It is interesting to see the psychological effect these applications have on people, and why we behave differently online versus in person. Three people were interviewed about why they decided to delete their dating apps. A […]

Noor’s Journal – Second Entry

After reading New Zealand Censors Declare Christchurch Shooting Footage Illegal; Start Rounding Up Violators by Tim Cushing, I wanted to tie it to my previous journal on news distribution, legality, and ignorance. In my previous entry I focused on exploring the aspect of exercising critical faculties when reading news, following the recent mass shooting that […]

Noor’s Journal – First Entry

Composed on 7th of February 2019 When I was reading Why Do People Fall for Fake News? by Gordon Pennycook and David Rand, I was intrigued by their observation on how there are two supposed claims that explain why people perceive news the way they do or rather believe in fake news so comfortably. The first claim supports the […]

Osbert Journey

I find the Herrick vs Grindr article very interesting. Social media has become in a way our identity online, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or dating platforms like Tinder or Grindr. However, because it is hard to regulate or verify whether the user is actually who they are, the internet phenomenon of “catfish” or “catfishing” […]