News of the Week; November 4, 2020


  1. Facebook Charged Biden a Higher Price Than Trump for Campaign Ads: In swing states, Biden paid average ad rates of $34 compared with Trump’s average of $17 in July and August
  2. The Trump Camp Has Bought YouTube’s Masthead Ad 20 Times This Election—Including On Election Day
  3. What Twitter Did After Trump Said Democrats Are Trying to “STEAL” the Election
  4. Trump’s campaign and family boost bogus conspiracy theories in a bid to undermine vote count: Campaign sent estimated 9 million texts according to anti-robocall firm, some seeking money to launch voting challenges
  5. Court tosses constitutional challenge to Trump order on social media
  6. Facebook targeted in U.K. legal action over Cambridge Analytica
  7. Facebook sued by UK group over Cambridge Analytica breach
  8. Insights: Social Media Platforms’ Election-Protection Plans A Start, But Not Nearly Enough Change For Long-Term
  9. What The Election Means For Tech
  10. While Social Media Was Quick To Highlight And Limit The Spread Of False Claims Of Election Victory, Traditional Media Just Let It Flow
  11. Another Court Rejects Trump’s Censorial Anti-TikTok EO–Marland v. Trump (Eric Goldman)
  12. Judge: Trump Admin‘s TikTok ban would cause “irreparable harm” to creators
  13. Three TikTok Influencers Influenced A Judge To Block Trump’s TikTok Ban
  14. TikTok Countersues Triller, Says Its Tech Doesn’t Violate Patent
  15. TikTok Re-Ups Licensing Deal With Sony, Adding Marketing, Artist Discovery Components
  16. Nixon Scandal Resulted In A Law To Prevent The Politicization Of Antitrust Cases; Meanwhile Trump Uses His Politicized Antitrust Effort In Campaign Ad
  17. As Trump falsely claims victory, Twitter and Facebook counter misinformation
  18. How Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit are handling the election
  19. Turkish President Sues Dutch Lawmaker Over A Bunch Of ‘Insulting’ Tweets
  20. U.S. Department of Justice Sues Google for Antitrust Violations
  21. Google Kills Nest Secure, Can’t Be Bothered To Explain Support Roadmap
  22. Senate hauls Zuckerberg, Dorsey into hearing to yell at them about tweets
  23. The Senate Snowflake Grievance Committee Quizzes Tech CEOs On Tweets & Employee Viewpoints
  24. A Digital Tech New Deal to break up Big Tech: Antitrust efforts in the US are not enough to counter the global power of Big Tech.
  25. NZ Supreme Court Gives A Mixed Bag Extradition Ruling To Kim Dotcom; Extradition Still Alive, But He Can Raise Procedural Issues
  26. Transparency Is Important; Mandated Transparency Is Dangerous And Will Stifle Innovation And Competition
  27. Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s Anti-230 EO Fails–Rock the Vote v. Trump (Eric Goldman)
  28. Free Market Advocate Switches Sides, Calls For Direct Government Interference In Online Moderation Decisions
  29. Trump campaign out $2.3 million after hack of Wisconsin GOP
  30. Changing Section 230 Won’t Fix Politicians’ Issues With Section 230
  31. Twitter, Facebook, Google Heads Testify on Section 230 and Local Journalism
  32. Your Problem Is Not With Section 230, But The 1st Amendment
  33. Snapchat Isn’t Liable for Its Speed Filter (Even if Section 230 Doesn’t Apply)–Maynard v. Snapchat (Eric Goldman)
  34. Creators Are Starting To Make A Lot Of Money On Facebook
  35. Facebook’s Handy Identity Crisis: Publisher or bulletin board? Can it really give up news sharing? Why the tech giant works hard to resist definition.
  36. Facebook Takes Aim at NYU Web Scrapers
  37. This microscopic 3D-printed Star Trek Voyager can move on its own
  38. Apple One, Apple’s answer to Amazon Prime, is finally launching
  39. On The Podcast: All The Reasons Why Quibi Didn’t Work
  40. A Quick Bite Post Mortem For For Quibi: Hollywood Still Doesn’t Get The Internet
  41. BEN Group Acquires YouTube Channel-Optimizing Browser Extension ‘TubeBuddy’
  42. YouTube Hits $5 Billion In Ad Revenue, 30 Million Premium And Music Subscribers In Q3
  43. YouTube Soundtracking Service Epidemic Sound Launches ‘Music Recommender’ Tool For Creators
  44. Ryan Kaji Becomes First YouTuber To Be Featured In Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade In Roughly A Century
  45. “Baby Shark” Overtakes “Despacito” To Become YouTube’s Most-Watched Video Of All Time
  46. Tati Westbrook Sued By Former Business Partner In Her Halo Beauty Vitamin Venture
  47. David Dobrik Links Up With Leonardo DiCaprio For Second Voter Registration Contest
  48. Google says it’s “committed” to Nest Secure but won’t ship any new features
  49. Senate hauls Zuckerberg, Dorsey into hearing to yell at them about tweets
  50. Netflix Raises Subscription Prices In The U.S., Causing Shares To Jump 4%
  51. Spotify CEO Says ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Is No. 1 English Podcast, Has “Outperformed Our Expectations”
  52. Filtering feminisms: Emergent feminist visibilities on Instagra
  53. Creator Community Standard Beefs Up In-House Video Production With Acquisition Of Studio Mighteor
  54. The Ongoing Transformation of the Digital Public Sphere: Basic Considerations on a Moving Target
  55. Decentralize the feedback infrastructure! (Pedro Garcia Lopez)
  56. Revisiting the Black Box Society by rethinking the political economy of big data (Benedetta Brevini, Frank Pasquale)
  57. Dark pools and data markets: an exploration of the regulatory challenges
  58. The Janus faces of Silicon Valley
  59. Freedom of Expression and Alternatives for Internet Governance: Prospects and Pitfalls (Emma Ricknell)
  60. A Digital Tech New Deal: Digital Socialism, Decolonization, and Reparations for a Sustainable Global Economy (Michael Kwet)
  61. California votes against granting Uber and Lyft drivers employee status
  62. Who Needs to Tell the U.S. Internal Revenue Service About Their Cryptocurrency Activity?
  63. US Bank Crypto Services Proceed, Crypto Debit Cards Launch in US and Mexico, Blockchain Enterprise Developments, and Crypto Enforcement Continues
  64. Someone has transferred ~$1 billion from a bitcoin wallet quiet since 2015


  1. A new way to plug a human brain into a computer: Via veins
  2. Acknowledging AI as an Inventor of IP – A Slippery Slope to Giving AI the Same Rights as Humans?
  3. AI use in U.S. criminal justice reinforced racialized decision-making: Law Commission of Ontario
  4. Racial Discrimination in Face Recognition Technology
  5. Legal and Ethics Checklist for AI Systems
  6. Draft Proposal for the Regulation of Ethical AI
  7. Weak Ties: The Urban History of an Algorithm
  8. Patent protection of machine learning and artificial intelligence inventions in Europe
  9. “Oh Jeeeesus”: Drivers react to Tesla’s full self-driving beta release
  10. Tesla raises “full self-driving” price from $8,000 to $10,000
  11. Connected cars must be open to third parties, say Massachusetts voters
  12. Content Moderation Case Study: Moderating An Anonymous Social Network (2015)
  13. Content Moderation Case Studies: Using AI To Detect Problematic Edits On Wikipedia (2015)
  14. Video: Character control with neural networks in Assassin’s Creed
  15. More Than a Feeling: Emotion detection doesn’t work, but it will try to change your behavior anyway (Frank Pasquale)
  16. No longer sci-fi: our bodies as computers 
  17. Apply for UK Government funding for robotic AI by 20 November 2020 


  1.  Altering the broadcasting landscape – Canada’s Broadcasting Act to be amended
  2. Feds propose changes to Broadcasting Act that may raise $800 million from streamers: New regulations would ensure streaming platforms face same rules as traditional broadcasters
  3. Broadcasting Act Amendments
  4. The Government’s Internet Regulation Bill: Why Bill C-10 Will Mean a CRTC-Approved Netflix Service, Reduced Consumer Choice, and Less Investment in Canadian Culture (Michael Geist)
  5. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s “Get Money from Web Giants” Internet Regulation Bill: An Unauthorized Backgrounder (Michael Geist)
  6. What’s Another Way Supporters of Mandated Facebook Media Payments Promote Their Position? Paid Facebook Advertising (Michael Geist)
  7. The tech antitrust problem no one is talking about: Americans pay more for broadband, have fewer choices than consumers in other countries.
  8. Monopolistic U.S. ISPs Take Full Advantage Of The Covid Crisis
  9. “Stay Home” robocalls to voters prompt FBI, FCC investigations
  10. FCC forces T-Mobile to pay $200 million fine for subsidiary Sprint’s fraud
  11. Time to Treat Broadband Like the Essential Service It Is
  12. The Enormous Cost Of Digital Inequality 
  13. Cable TV Execs Move Past Denial Stage, Now Fully Expect A ‘Cord Cutting’ Bloodbath
  14. FCC Approves All-Digital AM Radio Broadcasts
  15. FCC Establishes $9 Billion Fund to Support 5G Services in Rural America
  16. FCC to Lift Freeze on TV Station Technical Improvement Applications
  17. More on the FCC Rule Changes on Public Notice of Broadcast Applications and Required New Link on Station Homepages
  18. Comcast Tells Customers They May Lose Access To Comcast Channels If Comcast Can’t Agree With Comcast 
  19. What’s New in 5G – November 2020 
  20. Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2020 Made


  1.  Use Your Illusion: Rights in posthumous holographic performance
  2. Intellectual Property & Architecture – Copyright Protection in Focus
  3. Tenth Circuit Breathes New Life into a Spooky Skeleton Copyright Dispute 
  4. Protect Your Posts: New Group Copyright Registration Option for Online Blogs and Articles 
  5. The US election: a vote on IP?
  6. New Working Paper – Memes and Parasites: A discourse analysis of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive 
  7. Canada: Official marks can lead to damages for infringement of regular trademarks, according to Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal 
  8. Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Canada
  9. Ninth Circuit: Likelihood of Confusion Required to Sustain TM Counterfeiting Claim 
  10. Hallmark Win in Greeting Card Trademark Dispute: Court Finds Unauthorized Sale of Cards Meant for Destruction Infringing
  11. Neat infringement claim leaves whiskey competitor’s trade mark on the rocks
  12. Counterfeit luxury goods 
  13. Brand protection in the digital world 
  14. Distilling the value of corporate trademarks 
  15. Descriptive Use of a Registered Trademark is not Infringement
  16. Slogans as marks: when does a slogan function as a mark 
  17. Trademark Cancellation Is Appropriate Sanction for Misconduct
  18. Cookie Trade Dress Infringement Case Crumbles in Face of Functionality Challenge
  19. A Clear Need: To Allege Misappropriation, Identify Trade Secret 
  20. CIPO’s Patentable Subject-Matter Guidance – Same Code, Different Syntax 
  21. The Canadian Patent Office Releases New Guidelines: The Diagnostic’s Industry Should Be Cautiously Optimistic 
  22. Canadian Patents: What to Keep in Mind One Year After the Coming into Force of the New Rules? 
  23. The Intersection between Drop-Shipping and Patent Infringement 
  24. The Changing Patent Landscape in the Semiconductor Space 
  25. Size Matters in Obviousness Analysis 
  26. Marathon musings – Patenting running watch algorithms in Europe
  27. Five Patents You Should Know About for Halloween 2020
  28. Courtrooms and the America’s Cup – Patent infringement set to be the latest out-of-water battle 
  29. A “Bitterly Divided” Federal Circuit Declines to Stay Decision Invalidating Car Driveshaft Patent
  30. Clearing the 5G Patent Forest! 
  31. People With Silly Patents Would Really Like It If It Was Harder To Cancel Them
  32. Final PMPRB guidelines released 
  33. “Zombie” Privacy & IP Rights: Protecting the Rights to an Individual’s Image after Death: Part 1 of 2
  34. “Zombie” Privacy & IP Rights: Protecting the Rights to an Individual’s Image after Death: Part 2 of 2
  35. How Might New Supreme Court Justice Barrett Rule on IP Cases?


  1. Alberta Court of Appeal rules that searches of electronic devices at the border are unconstitutional
  2. Cybersecurity Among Factors Driving Privacy Law Reform in Canada
  3. Use of Facial Recognition Software for Customer Analytics
  4. California Voters Approve New Data Privacy Law
  5. California Voters Pass Proposition 24 – the California Privacy Rights Act
  6. California Passes Proposition 24: California Privacy Rights Act to Become Law
  7. California Voters Approve Reworking of Landmark Consumer Privacy Law – What CCPA 2.0 Will Mean for Businesses and Consumers
  8. Clearview Resurfaces To Make Some Empty Promises About Keeping Cops From Abusing Its Tech
  9. Portland, Maine has voted to ban facial recognition
  10. Risks and Compliance Under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act: No Actual Harm Required for Private Cause of Action
  11. One Clear Message From Voters This Election? More Privacy
  12. Stanford Research Shows VR Users Can Be Identified Using Only 5 Minutes of Motion Data
  13. How the Upcoming Election Could Change Privacy Law in the U.S.
  14. Google’s Project Zero discloses Windows 0day that’s been under active exploit
  15. EFF Asks Government To Dump DHS’s Plan To Massively Expand Its Biometric Collections
  16. Senator Wyden Wants To Know If The NSA Is Still Demanding Tech Companies Build Backdoors Into Their Products
  17. ICO fines Marriott 18.4 million pounds for failing to secure customer data 
  18. A New Wave of Class Action Lawsuits is Targeting Online Customer Tracking
  19. UK Privacy Regulator Dramatically Reduces Fine for British Airways’ GDPR Violations 
  20. Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Invalidated by Swiss Commissioner
  21. Dr. Strangenet—or, how I stopped worrying and embraced the WFH IT apocalypse


  1. Trump Appointee Removes ‘Firewall’ Preventing Administration From Meddling In VOA Reporting
  2. President-For-Life Hopeful Donald Trump Issues Executive Order Mandating ‘Patriotic’ Education For Kids
  3. Johnny Depp loses high-risk libel trial against NGN and Dan Wootton
  4. To Prevent Free, Frictionless Access To Human Knowledge, Publishers Want Librarians To Be Afraid, Very Afraid


  1. Bandai Namco, AtGames resolve legal dispute: Judge dismisses lawsuit over Ms. Pac-Man rights, clearing way for re-release of AtGames’ Namco arcade microconsole
  2. EA fined €10m over loot boxes as Dutch court sides with gambling authority: District court unmoved by FIFA publisher’s defenses, denies its bid to keep fines from being made public
  3. Dutch judge rules that EA should be fined €500k every week until it removes FIFA loot boxes: FUT Had Been Deemed In Violation Of Gambling Rules
  4. Opening Pandora’s Loot Box? Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Over Loot Boxes May Provide Guidance On The Legality of Loot Boxes in Canada
  5. Sony legal threat compels PS5 faceplate company to cancel all orders: CustomizeMyPlates also had to rebrand from PlateStation5 following complaints from platform holder
  6. Judge rejects Google’s attempt to push Epic case to October 2022: Fortnite firm has suggested February 2021 as judge tells both companies to “get moving”
  7. Amazon patents method of grouping toxic players together online: Patent filing suggests gamers would be able to specify preferences for the behaviours they would accept
  8. Ubisoft investigating after ransomware group claims to have leaked Watch Dogs source code: 560GB code for Legion reportedly available online, could endanger anti-piracy measures
  9. Reports of Watch Dogs Legion source code leak prompts Ubisoft investigation 
  10. Take-Two Finds Less Success with Second Take on Copyright and Tattoos
  11. Randy Orton’s Tattoos Divide Courts as Gamers Prepare for PS5 and Xbox Series X
  12. 2020 is already a record year for games investment: $5.2 billion in investment in Q3 alone brings the year’s total to $9.9 billion so far
  13. Scopely raises $340 million at $3.3 billion valuation as mobile games thrive during pandemic
  14. Newzoo raises its annual games industry forecast for 2020 once again: COVID-19’s impact on the market expected to bring industry revenue to $174.9 billion this year
  15. Billy Mitchell’s Defamation Case Against Twin Galaxies Over ‘Donkey Kong’ High Score Can Go Forward
  16. Opportunity for Game Publishers & Developers: Over a Quarter of Western Lapsed Gamers Are Looking to Play Again
  17. Lab Zero founder Mike Zaimont suspended from work on Guilty Gear update
  18. Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrrl: Story Juice and punk feminism in games: “When you can’t see your stories and perspectives in an industry, then you have to put them there,” says studio founder Dr Hannah Wood
  19. Game developers have too much job security | 10 Years Ago This Month
  20. Biden/Harris Campaign Deploys Custom ‘Fortnite’ Map To Teach Voters About Key Policies
  21. Old School Runescape breaks concurrent player record during Leagues II event
  22. Is the games industry open to working class people?
  23. Black representation in games | Podcast
  24. Twitch Marketing Promo Over Golden Emoji Goes Horribly Wrong After DMCA Nuclear Strike
  25. Hasan Piker’s Twitch Stream Is the Future of Election Night Coverage: Last night’s Twitch stream was so thoroughly modern that I was actually able to calm down.
  26. Elastic Audio announces Intonal, a new audio programming language for games: CEO Andrew Beck says Intonal would allow game sound design to be as reactive and adaptive as graphic design
  27. Pokémon Go’s 2020 revenues estimated at $1bn so far: Niantic game on course to record its best year ever, third biggest mobile game globally
  28. Digital and catalog sales continue to drive growth at Capcom
  29. Capcom’s games business rescues six-month results: Total revenue and profits increased despite the impact of COVID-19 on arcades and amusement centres
  30. Frostpunk board game raises over €2m on Kickstarter
  31. Guild Wars 2 pauses Steam plans to focus on expansion development
  32. Steam rolls out built-in playtest invite and management tool beta for devs
  33. The Lego Group helps Builder’s Journey dev Light Brick go independent 
  34. PUBG Mobile has ceased operations in India due to government ban: Tencent statement defends protection of user data — “we deeply regret this outcome”
  35. Tencent shutting down PUBG Mobile in India following government ban
  36. Tencent leads $25 million investment in Avakin Life dev Lockwood Publishing
  37. Tencent invests in Lockwood Publishing: Chinese tech giant leads a $25 million investment round in the Avakin Life creator
  38. Tencent-owned Honor of Kings is recording 100 million average daily active users
  39. Sega Sammy sells off arcade business as COVID takes its toll
  40. Sega Sammy sells arcade business Sega Entertainment to Genda Inc: Company says arcades suffered due to COVID-19; expects “extraordinary losses” for fiscal year related to the sale
  41. Gfinity cuts costs, seeks stability following another year of losses: Operating loss for the year was £5.5 million as company ponders acquisitions, partnerships, or sale
  42. Zynga posts record quarterly revenues, bookings: Social publisher sees even more acquisitions in its future as revenue, engagement metrics grow, but net loss remains
  43. Stillfront acquires collectible card game developer Everguild for $1.37 million
  44. Stillfront Group acquires Everguild for £1.06m: Studio collective expands into the CCG genre with Madrid-based developer
  45. Curve Digital acquires For the King developer IronOak Games
  46. Curve Digital acquires IronOak Games: Canadian studio behind For the King becomes Curve’s second studio acquisition
  47. UK startup Sugar closes £1.5m pre-seed round: Passion Capital leads investment in new firm offering finance to games studios wishin to avoid equity funding
  48. Phil Spencer: “Our motivation is not to turn everybody into a subscriber” – The Xbox chief renewed his commitment to retail and said Game Pass is not here to “take options away from people”
  49. Phil Spencer calls for more diverse leaders in games: Having “visible leaders” should be the industry’s focus, Xbox chief said, addressing the role Microsoft has to play against racial inequity
  50. Bethesda exec says an Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls is “hard to imagine”
  51. Bethesda, Microsoft Make Conflicting Statements About Game Exclusivity After Studio Purchase
  52. Microsoft tightens Xbox security to prevent DDOS attacks: Xbox players were being targeted through “random party invites” in multiplayer titles
  53. Xbox Party Chat security is being improved to protect IP addresses
  54. PlayStation boss prefers organic studio growth over ‘frenzied’ spending
  55. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan on making PS5 more successful than PS4: “I’ve done them all, and this has easily been the most extraordinary PlayStation launch of any of them.”
  56. Sony expects PS5 to exceed PS4’s 7.6m launch sales this fiscal year: But CFO Hiro Totoki says each unit will make a “negative contribution to earnings for the time being”
  57. The big boost – PlayStation Plus & Fall Guys’ success?
  58. Does PlayStation need to buy more games studios? | Opinion: With Microsoft snapping up major studios and publishers in recent years, we consider the implications for Sony
  59. Sony reportedly puts a stop to third-party PS5 faceplate plans
  60. War Stories: How Nintendo sold the NES to a skeptical country
  61. Bringing more franchises to mobile is Activision Blizzard’s biggest opportunity, says COO
  62. Activision-Blizzard needs to hire 2,000 people to meet production demands: Publisher to beef up for franchise-focused strategy a year and a half after laying off 800
  63. Activision Blizzard reports $1.95 billion in revenue
  64. Activision Blizzard beats forecasts with $1.95 billion in Q3 net revenue
  65. Call of Duty drives Activision Blizzard revenues up 52% year-over-year: Modern Warfare reboot sets franchise record for first-year premium sales as engagement dips for Blizzard, King
  66. Far Cry 6, Rainbow 6 Quarantine delayed: Ubisoft pushes upcoming games into next fiscal year as it reports record profits for first half of year
  67. Live games keep cash flow steady as Ubisoft readies for big launches
  68. Some current-gen Ubisoft games are forward compatible on Xbox but not PlayStation
  69. Ubisoft ‘undertook profound actions’ to address studio culture concerns, says CEO
  70. Ubisoft’s strong earnings benefit from live service games and back catalog sales during pandemic
  71. Facebook’s cloud isn’t for the birds | Opinion
  72. CD Projekt Red’s stock fell 25% in two months amid Cyberpunk uncertainty: Negative stories about the production and release of Cyberpunk 2077 coincided with €2.5b decline in market cap
  73. CD Projekt attributes new Cyberpunk delay to working with current-gen consoles: Co-CEO Adam Kiciński apologizes to staff for “demeaning and harmful” comments about crunch during investor call
  74. CD Projekt: Cyberpunk crunch ‘not that bad’, ‘mostly’ hits QA, engineers, programmers
  75. Developer talent representation evolving alongside the industry: CAA head of games Derek Douglas discusses how Hollywood agencies have handled gaming over his 15-year career
  76. Friday the 13th: The Game winds down with final patch, end of dedicated servers
  77. Skate 3 returns to top three ten years after release | UK Digital Charts: But FIFA 21 remains at the top
  78. Soft opening week for Watch Dogs Legion and Pikmin 3 | UK Physical Charts: New Dark Pictures game breaks Top Ten
  79. What could game publishers be doing better?
  80. Gears Pop! to shut down as long-term support becomes unfeasible
  81. Light Brick Studio splitting off from Lego: Builder’s Journey developer goes indie with investment from Lego Ventures, will continue to work on Lego games
  82. Caspar Lee-Founded Fund Invests In Spanish Creator Monetization Startup ‘Streamloots’
  83. Oculus Quest 2 pre-orders were five times higher than Oculus Quest: Mark Zuckerberg sets a target of “ten million active units” to make Facebook’s VR platform self-sustaining
  84. PlayStation boss suggests the ‘meaningful’ future of VR is still years away
  85. Jim Ryan: “We’re more than a few minutes from the future of VR” – PlayStation’s CEO said VR will not be “meaningful component of interactive entertainment” until at least 2022
  86. Sony to give away adapters to allow VR use on PlayStation 5: PSVR is not compatible with the PS5 out of the box, but Sony will start shipping adapters for free from the end of October
  87. The PlayStation 5 only supports PlayStation VR for PS4 games right now
  88. Saved by Morrowind, striving for Starfield: Todd Howard and the story of Bethesda
  89. Blog: Breaking down the level design of Die Young: Prologue
  90. Blog: A study on modern mobile design
  91. Blog: What I learned after making an Among Us-like game in 10 days
  92. Blog: What is the Unity Asset Store and how to make money on it?
  93. Video: Designing the robot dinosaurs of Horizon Zero Dawn 
  94. Video: Creating Michelangelo’s David in VR
  95. Don’t Miss: The six year journey to Donut County
  96. Don’t Miss: Game dev advice for creating terrifying and memorable 2D monsters
  97. Don’t Miss: Building the PvE features in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
  98. Don’t Miss: Building a light-hearted puzzle game around Friday the 13th 
  99. Don’t Miss: 6 techniques to make game narratives more dynamic
  100. Video: Building a writer’s room for Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  101. Mobile game sales deep dive: Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale
  102. Thanks To Fair Use, One Man Is Trying To Preserve Old School Video Game Manuals