News of the Week; November 18, 2020


  1. Amazon Sues Two TikTok, Instagram Influencers For Alleged Scheme To Sell Knockoff Designer Goods
  2. The Case Against Holding Amazon Liable for Third-Party Merchants’ Sales in its Marketplace (Eric Goldman)
  3. Massive, China-state-funded hack hits companies around the world, report says
  4. Hackers sponsored by Russia and North Korea are targeting COVID-19 researchers
  5. Russian Internet Research Agency Disinformation Activities on Tumblr: Identity, Privacy, and Ambivalence
  6. WHO Is Blocking Commenters From Even Mentioning Taiwan On Its Facebook Page
  7. Facebook Expands Access To ‘Rights Manager’ Video Copyright Tool, Rolls Out In-Stream Ads To 4 More Countries
  8. Facebook Can Block Scraper (For Now)–Facebook v. BrandTotal (Eric Goldman)
  9. Day After Senator Lindsey Graham Is Credibly Accused Of Trying To Undermine The Election, He Hosts Hearing Attacking Social Media For Undermining Election
  10. Trump Fires US Cybersecurity Director Chris Krebs After Krebs Debunks Trump’s Claims Of Election Systems Fraud
  11. US Cybersecurity Director Expecting To Be Fired After Refusing To Edit Page Debunking Election Hacking Myths
  12. Trump Campaign Gets Laughed Out Of Court For Claiming A Bunch Of Unvetted Webform Submissions Is ‘Evidence’ Of Voter Fraud
  13. Trump Campaign’s Ridiculous SLAPP Suit Against CNN Tossed Out Easily
  14. After Trump tweets Defcon hacking video, voting security experts call BS: Dozens of computer scientists say there’s “no credible evidence” of election fraud.
  15. Trump admin puts a hold on TikTok ban it seems to have forgotten about
  16. Trumpland Apparently Just Forgot About Its Manufactured TikTok Hysteria
  17. Commerce Department Remembers It Was Supposed To Ban TikTok; Says It Won’t Enforce For Now
  18. Insights: Social Media In The Post-Trump Era Headed To Splitsville
  19. The announcement of election results prompted the expected chorus of brands messaging about “unity,” but some opted to celebrate on social media.
  20. Facebook Extends Political Advertising Ban for Another Month, Including Advertising for Run-Offs
  21. Google to Extend Political Advertising Ban Through Year-End
  22. Google Pay relaunch transforms it into a full-fledged financial service
  23. Alphabet CEO: Plan to target EU commissioner was not “sanctioned” by me
  24. UK Politician Demands The Impossible: Social Media Companies Must Not Take Down Political Speech, But Must Block Disinformation
  25. sexually explicit in-app ads deemed offensive and inappropriately targeted
  26. Upload Filters And The Internet Architecture: What’s There To Like?
  27. Content Moderation Case Study: GoFundMe Addresses Controversial Fundraising Efforts (2020)
  28. Counterfeit Merch Is A Big Problem For Creators, And It’s Even Worse Than You Think.
  29. Markiplier, Ethan Nestor Bid Farewell To High-Concept ‘Unus Annus’ Channel — A Metaphor For Death
  30. Hulu raises Live TV price to $65, matching YouTube TV’s latest price hike
  31. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 11/16/2020
  32. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 11/16/2020
  33. YouTube Is Serving Young Viewers Age-Inappropriate Ads, Videos With Little Educational Value, Study Finds
  34. YouTube Shelves Annual ‘Rewind’ Video Given Hardships, Heaviness Of 2020
  35. YouTube Launches ‘Audio Ad’ Format To Capture Background Content Consumers
  36. Steph Curry’s YouTube Series ‘5 Minutes From Home’ Is Becoming An Audible Original Podcast
  37. Trump-Endorsed Right-wing YouTube Channels See Rise In Viewership
  38. On The Podcast: Ninja Doesn’t Want To Be Called A ‘YouTuber’. Is He Right?
  39. YouTube Will Now Serve Ads On Channels That Aren’t Eligible For Its Partner Program — Though Creators Won’t Earn A Cut
  40. GitHub agrees RIAA claim is bunk, restores popular YouTube download tool
  41. Teespring Teams Up With YouTubers For Merch-Selling Cyber Monday Live Streams
  42. Audiovisual Media Services Directive – European Commission adopts guidelines on video-sharing platforms and the promotion of European works
  43. BuzzFeed Seeking Next Social Video Star In IGTV Competition ‘Show Off’
  44. ‘The Good Place,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Developer Tracey Pakosta Is Netflix’s New Head Of Comedy
  45. Instagram Gives Reels, Shop Permanent Spots On Nav Bar
  46. Instagram Finally Adds Ability To Search Platform Via Keyword
  47. TikTok’s ‘Hashtag Challenge Plus’ Ad Format Is Generating Billions Of Views For Brands
  48. ICE Briefly Becomes A Stranded Minor: Loses Its Twitter Account For Being Too Young
  49. Twitter Launches Stories-Like ‘Fleets’ Feature, With ‘Audio Spaces’ Soon To Follow
  50. What is Parler, and why is everyone suddenly talking about it?
  51. ‘Stop the Steal’ supporters, restrained by Facebook, turn to Parler to peddle false election claims
  52. What If Cambridge Analytica Owned Its Own Social Network? CA Backer Rebekah Mercer Admits She’s A Co-Founder Of Parler
  53. A history of Intel vs. AMD desktop performance, with CPU charts galore
  54. Beyond Screen Time: Identity Development in the Digital Age
  55. Nova Scotia’s eCourt platform is first online judicial dispute resolution service in Canada
  56. Why Does Silicon Valley Want to Reengineer Humans?: Human beings are not the problem. We are the solution.
  57. Japan-UK Trade Deal Shows How Controversial Digital Policies Can Be Slipped Through With Little Scrutiny Or Resistance


  1. IP Rights and AI-Generated Works
  2. Amazon begins shifting Alexa’s cloud AI to its own silicon
  3. Video: Using AI to create interactive digital actors
  4. ICO publishes guidance on AI decision making
  5. Artificial intelligence and gender discrimination
  6. Artificial vision, white space and racial surveillance capitalism
  7. Technology vs Ideology: How Far will Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology Transform Corporate Governance and Business?
  8. AI revolution in medicine


  1. Law Bytes Episode 69: Bram Abramson on the Government’s Plan to Regulate Internet Streaming Services (Michael Geist)
  2. Two Trump Defamation Claims Dismissed Including Claim Against TV Station for Political Attack Ad – What is the Relevance for Broadcasters? 
  3. How the Presidential Transition Will Affect the FCC
  4. Big TCPA News: Biden Announces FCC Transition Team that Includes Former Commissioner Clyburn 
  5. FCC Boss Pai Urged To Accept Trump Loss, Pause Dumb Attack On Social Media
  6. FCC takes spectrum from auto industry in plan to “supersize” Wi-Fi
  7. Broadband power users explode, making data caps more profitable for ISPs
  8. Digital Redlining: ISPs Widening The Digital Divide
  9. How Our Biggest ISPs Are Failing Students During COVID-19
  10. TV services head towards complex post-Brexit regulatory world
  11. FTC Tries to Clean Out 25 Fake Disinfectant Websites


  1. Boesen v. United Sports Publications, Ltd.: Court dismisses copyright claim, holding that publisher’s article that “embedded” Caroline Wozniacki’s Instagram post featuring plaintiff’s photograph constituted fair use. 
  2. Flo & Eddie, Inc. v. Pandora Media, Inc.: Court denies anti-SLAPP motion by owners of pre-1972 sound recordings created by The Turtles, holding Pandora’s failure to pay for use of recordings was not a speech right
  3. Artistic license and use of copyright in creative pursuits
  4. The Pose Is Prologue
  5. Despite RIAA’s Claim That YouTube-dl Is Infringing, Journalists Use It All The Time
  6. GitHub, EFF Push Back Against RIAA, Reinstate Youtube-dl Repository
  7. YouTube Seeks To Crack Down On COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracies In Fact-Check Panels
  8. Donald Trump Argues That Use Of ‘Electric Avenue’ In Campaign Video Was Transformative
  9. Montgomery v. Holland: Second Circuit affirms dismissal of copyright infringement claim targeting 2014 television miniseries Rosemary’s Baby, holding it was not substantially similar to plaintiff’s short stories.
  10. Is Software Patentable?
  11. Scientific publishers propose installing spyware in university libraries to protect copyrights: The hypothetical plan to combat digital piracy called for the use of software to monitor those accessing academic material
  12. Proctorio used DMCA to take down a student’s critical tweets: “This is really a textbook example of fair use”
  13. Copyright rides to the rescue: Brompton Bicycle is protected by copyright
  14. Copyright: Online platform operators’ liability for users illegally uploading copyright material
  15. No Future for Copyright or Trade Dress Protection for Personal Planner Layout
  16. The First Step to Protecting Your Brand in Canada 
  17. EMPOWER-ing trademark infringement claims against public authorities
  18. Four Seasons Total Landscaping: trademark lessons from a bizarre political event 
  19. In a Galaxy Not So Far, Far Away: Millennial Falcon v. Millennium Falcon
  20. Can Clickbait Cause Confusion? Purchasing AdWord Did Not Constitute Trademark Infringement or an Unfair Trade Practice
  21. Will the growing second-hand market for fashion fuel trademark disputes?
  22. Hugo Boss And Art Teacher Reach ‘Amicable Solution’ Over ‘Be Boss, Be Kind’ Trademark Application
  23. Trademark everything: The not-so-secret world of celebrity IP
  24. Why Don’t Conservatives Care About Copyright?
  25. Food Industry Insight – The Trade Dress of a Cookie is Held to be Functional
  26. Ninth Circuit Rules That the Identification of a Trade Secret May Be Developed Through Discovery 
  27. Patent eligibility in Canada clarified with new Examination Guidelines
  28. CIPO’s new guidelines on patentable subject matter explained
  29. Presumed essential: CIPO clarifies its approach toward eligibility analysis following Federal Court decision 
  30. Canadian Patent Office Issues Guidance to “Cooperate” With Inventors of Computer-Based Inventions 
  31. Supreme Court to Decide Constitutionality of Patent Board 
  32. Moderna’s covid vaccine is promising news, but IP issues may mean the financial windfall it enjoys are limited
  33. Working with known materials in life sciences: Key patent considerations
  34. Canadian courts show trend of awarding higher costs in IP litigation
  35. Five things to know about protecting IP rights on Amazon 


  1. “Publicity Placing the Plaintiff in a False Light” is the Newest Privacy Tort in Ontario
  2. Canada’s GDPR Moment: Why the Consumer Privacy Protection Act is Canada’s Biggest Privacy Overhaul in Decades (Michael Geist)
  3. Privacy Pressure Points: A Closer Look at Ten Consumer Privacy Protection Act Concerns (Michael Geist)
  4. Canada’s proposed new privacy law – Summary of business impacts
  5. The Canadian Government Proposes Significant Changes to Privacy Law: Key Features include New Requirements, Orders, Penalties and a Private Right of Action 
  6. Information privacy and security in a virtual learning world
  7. Appeals Court Says Baltimore PD’s Aerial Surveillance Program Doesn’t Violate The Constitution
  8. Federal Court Says State Regulation That Compels Production Of Code May Violate The First Amendment 
  9. Barbash v. STX Financing, LLC: Court dismisses adult entertainment host’s invasion of privacy and defamation claims against producers and distributors of film Hustlers
  10. How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps: A Muslim prayer app with 98M downloads connects to a supply chain that sends people’s personal data to brokers, contractors & the military.
  11. Zoom Gets An FTC Wrist Slap For Misleading Users On Security, Encryption 
  12. Instructors And School Administrators Are Somehow Managing To Make Intrusive Testing Spyware Even Worse
  13. EU Data Protection Regulators Issue Critical Draft Guidance on Personal Data Transfers 
  14. Not Again! California Voters Enact California Privacy Rights Act: Now What?
  15. FTC requires video conferencing provider to safeguard against security risks 
  16. Election 2020: Looking Forward to What a Biden Presidency May Mean for Data Privacy and Data Privacy Litigation  
  17. ICO Fines Ticketmaster £1.25 Million for Security Failures 
  18. Marriott International, Inc. fined £18.4m for personal data breach by the UK ICO under the GDPR (reduced from £99.2m) 
  19. H&M hit with €35.3m fine for GDPR employee breach
  20. Resisting the rise of facial recognition
  21. Five months after the Schrems II decision, the EDPB has added long awaited clarity to the CJEU’s language regarding ‘supplemental measures’
  22. The iOS COVID-19 app ecosystem has become a privacy minefield
  23. Information privacy and security in a virtual learning world
  24. The Posthumous Privacy Paradox: Privacy preferences and Behavior Regarding Digital Remains


  1. Court of Appeal rules on the confidentiality of live sports data
  2. EU Court Backs Austrian Court, Says Local Libel Law Applies Everywhere In The World
  3. Conspiracy theories masquerading as news may be the biggest threat to our democratic world
  4. About Time: NY Governor Cuomo Signs Anti-SLAPP Law
  5. Freedom of Speech Gets a Big Boost With New York’s Passage of Widely Expanded Anti-SLAPP Law
  6. Devin Nunes Files Another SLAPP Suit; Sues The Washington Post Again
  7. COVID-19: Court Dismisses MLB Ticket Purchasers’ Action for Reimbursement After Shortened Season


  1. Nintendo faces yet another Joy-Con drift lawsuit: An expert analysis noted that the drift is caused by “extensive wear on the pad surface on the interior of the Joy-Con”
  2. The dance-off ends: a (partial) resolution to Fortnite’s slurry of copyright lawsuits.
  3. Oxford University study finds playing games can positively impact emotional well-being
  4. Oxford University study shows video games can benefit well-being and mental health: But researchers call for more studies into this field, following its success in collaborating with EA and Nintendo­­­
  5. Pokémon Go raises its level cap for the first time in over four years
  6. Video game play is positively correlated with well-being (Niklas Johannes, Matti Vuorre, Andrew K. Przybylski)
  7. Court Upholds Gaming App’s Clickthrough TOS–Ball v. Skillz (Eric Goldman)
  8. Survey finds growing harassment among US gamers: ADL-Newzoo poll finds 68% of online multiplayer games experienced severe harassment in past six months, 22% said it made them quit playing certain games entirely
  9. Free to Play? Hate, Harassment and Positive Social Experience in Online Games 2020
  10. Ubisoft Singapore MD stepping down after misconduct allegations
  11. Ubisoft removes Singapore studio head: Hugues Ricour no longer leading Skull and Bones studio after report of sexual harassment, but remains with the publisher
  12. Global Game Revenues Up an Extra $15 Billion This Year as Engagement Skyrockets
  13. Judge dismisses Apple’s “theft” claims in Epic Games lawsuit
  14. Apple will halve App Store platform fees for smaller developers in 2021
  15. Apple drops its cut of App Store revenues from 30% to 15% for some developers
  16. Apple to cut down App Store share to 15% for small developers: The company’s new App Store Small Business Program means studios earning less than $1m a year in proceeds will benefit from a reduced commission
  17. Epic CEO: App Store changes offer ‘no relief to customers’ from ‘Apple Tax’
  18. Epic Games files against Apple Australia: Fortnite firm claims battle royale’s removal breaches Australian consumer law
  19. Apple settles with states for $113M over iPhone battery throttling
  20. Streamers protest Twitch DMCA policy with homemade video game noises: Beep beep beep. Pow! Schooooo… po-pow!
  21. Twitch eyes new tools, licensing deals after ‘understandably frustrating’ DMCA takedowns
  22. Twitch streamers report DMCA takedowns for in-game sound effects: Content creators report flags on sounds such as clock chimes, police sirens, bird noises, and wind
  23. Twitch Continues To Trip Over Itself In Response To DMCA Apocalypse
  24. Twitch’s No Good, Very Bad Time Continues: Part 1
  25. xQcOW, Pokimane Are Twitch’s Top-Earning Streamers Of 2020
  26. Twitch sees record viewership in October – Report: StreamElements and Arsenal find 1.6 billion hours watched on the platform last month, nearly doubling previous October
  27. EA launching FIFA spend-tracking tool: FIFA Playtime gives players an overview of how much time and money they’ve spent on FIFA 21, ability to set spending and Ultimate Team limits
  28. EA has loot boxed itself in with FIFA Ultimate Team | Opinion: Publisher is in the position of having to fix its gambling problem without admitting there’s a problem to fix
  29. EA must reconsider its FIFA goals | Podcast: The team discusses EA’s reluctance to acknowledge the resemblances of Ultimate Team to gambling, and the consequences that could bring
  30. FIFA 21 debuts at No.1 in the US for October in a first for the franchise: Nintendo Switch hardware sets a new dollar sales record for the month, surpassing the Wii in 2008
  31. Is a Tattoo Protected by Copyright? Is it Infringed if it Appears in a Computer Game? 
  32. Star Trek’s Space-Traveling Tardigrades Live Long and Prosper After Second Circuit Affirms Non-Infringement of Video Game Copyright
  33. Capcom says personal details of 350,000 potentially compromised after recent hack
  34. Capcom: Up to 350,000 people could be affected by ransomware leak
  35. Capcom confirms it was the victim of a ransomware attack: Employee personal information, sales reports, and other financial information was compromised
  36. Playrix: gameplay footage must be representative of the gaming experience
  37. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla sees the franchise’s best launch sales so far: It sold more copies at launch than any other Assassin’s Creed game, and set a new record for Ubisoft PC launch sales
  38. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla beats Call of Duty in race for No.1 | UK Boxed Charts: It’s a massive, massive week for UK game sales
  39. Genshin Impact was the top-grossing mobile game worldwide in October: It brought in nearly $239m in player spending, beating out Honor of Kings
  40. Graffiti Games leaders launch Indie Game Coach: Alex Josef and Alex Van Lepp to provide free and low-cost resources, coaching, and consulting for new, independent developers
  41. How a Guilty Gear project contributed to the collapse of Skullgirls dev Lab Zero
  42. Epic releases thousands of What Remains of Edith Finch assets for free
  43. Epic Games acquires real-time animation firm Hyprsense: The company will collaborate closely with 3Lateral and Cubic Motion to “make content production more accessible”
  44. Half of US and UK players want more diverse characters in games: Research conducted by Newzoo shows that gamers want publishers to take an “active stance” on societal issues
  45. Respawn emphasises its no crunch policy: Accused of being too slow with content, Apex Legends game director says the studio “refuses to crunch the team”
  46. Animal Jam data breach exposes personal info of approximately 46m accounts: Emails, usernames, encrypted passwords, billing addresses, and real names were posted on public hacker forum
  47. Ubisoft Montreal staffers barricade on roof, escorted out by police
  48. Police operation underway at Ubisoft Montreal: Reported hostage situation may have been a hoax, police begin evacuating building
  49. Police say ‘hoax’ emergency call prompted Ubisoft Montreal studio scare
  50. The challenge and promise of DualSense | Opinion: PlayStation 5’s advanced haptic system is arguably the most interesting innovation of the new generation, but it creates a tricky marketing conundrum
  51. Discovery takeaways from the new PlayStation 5 store?
  52. Sony thinks cross-gen games will be ‘important’ for the next 3 years as players transition to PS5
  53. Demon’s Souls PS5 review: A gorgeous game worth dying (repeatedly) for
  54. Ghost of Tsushima passes 5m sold: Sucker Punch’s game is the fastest selling new IP for the PS4 from a Sony first-party studio
  55. Xbox Series X and S deliver Microsoft’s biggest ever console launch
  56. Xbox Series X|S is biggest console launch in Microsoft’s history: But Phil Spencer says platform holder still focused on player numbers of unit sales
  57. How will the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 benefit indies?: We speak to indie studios and publishers about the possibilities afforded by the new consoles
  58. Xbox Series S|X launch, big releases drive new records for UK broadband use: Service providers report new highs among Call of Duty updates and preloads, debuts of Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  59. Microsoft expects Xbox Series X and S to be in short supply until after holidays
  60. Microsoft expects Xbox Series X|S shortages until Q2 2021: CFO Tim Stuart points to summer next year for “the supply profile meeting the demand profile”
  61. Microsoft suggests higher AAA price-point is “warranted”: CFO Tim Stuart said that publishers need to “make the right decision for their content”
  62. The Falconeer: An unexpected jewel in the Xbox launch line-up
  63. Bethesda games will likely be “first or better” (not “only”) on Xbox
  64. Microsoft to begin testing Project xCloud in new regions including Australia and Japan
  65. Microsoft to roll out Project xCloud in four new markets: The cloud gaming beta is coming to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico this November
  66. What next-gen consoles really mean for audio: Sumo Digital discusses the audio tools that could be a game changer for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
  67. Switch sets new October sales record in the U.S. as next-gen arrives
  68. The Switch had the second-best October sales in the US of any console ever: At over 735,000 units sold, it was outpaced only by the Wii in 2008
  69. Happy 20th Birthday To ‘No One Lives Forever’, The Classic PC Game That Can’t Be Sold Today Thanks To IP
  70. Why are there no James Bond games?: In the absence of new film No Time To Die, we explore 007’s ongoing absence from video games and the challenge of developing with a licence
  71. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla debuts with record launch week sales for the franchise
  72. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doubles Odyssey’s player count at launch: The latest entry in Ubisoft’s series also saw record viewership on Twitch and YouTube
  73. Freshly founded Gunzilla Games aims to take on triple-A shooter development
  74. Gunzilla Games enters AAA shooter market with $25m in funding: After helping Warface developer Blackwood spin out from Crytek, Vlad Korolev is looking to build a studio from scratch
  75. The careful cultivation and localization of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin: Edelweiss and XSeed discuss the historical Japanese roots of the in-depth rice farming sim, and the challenges of bringing it West
  76. PUBG Corp is bringing a new version of banned PUBG Mobile to India
  77. PUBG Corp. creating new PUBG Mobile for India to get around ban: Korean publisher establishes Indian subsidiary that will hire 100 people, pledges to invest $100 million into local gaming and entertainment industry
  78. Fortnite mulls monthly paid subscription
  79. New League of Legends character not based on real person, says Riot
  80. Grubhub Taps Addison Rae, CrankGameplays, More For Virtual Friendsgiving Promo On ‘Animal Crossing’
  81. Unity revenue up 53.3% year-over-year at close of first public quarter
  82. Unity shares first earnings following IPO with $201 million in Q3 revenue: On earnings call, CEO John Riccitiello addresses price hikes, COVID-19 impacts, future investments, and finding a casual audience
  83. Ghost of Tsushima has topped 5 million sales in under four months
  84. Fall Guys has sold over 10 million copies on Steam
  85. Fall Guys has sold more than 10 million copies on Steam alone
  86. Data deep dive: What’s the ‘long tail’ like for Steam games?
  87. Steam’s initial PS5 controller support doesn’t include the controller’s advanced haptics
  88. Zynga opens Austin studio to work on upcoming Star Wars project
  89. Zynga to open new studio in its Austin office: The new studio will focus on the development of NaturalMotion’s Star Wars game
  90. Google and My.Games launch mobile accelerator program
  91. My.Games launches cloud gaming service
  92. Thunderful acquires long-time LittleBigPlanet collaborator Station Interactive
  93. Thunderful acquires Station Interactive: Swedish development studio’s employees, IP, and assets will be incorporated into Thunderful Development
  94. As lockdowns lift, Tencent gaming revenues continue to rise: Online games revenues up 45% year-over-year, 8% quarter-over-quarter thanks to Honour of Kings, Peacekeeper Elite
  95. Paradox reports record quarterly revenues as Crusader Kings III sales top 1 million
  96. Embracer acquires 13 studios including Shadow Warrior dev Flying Wild Hog
  97. Embracer Group H1 sales up 132% to $524.2m: THQ Nordic and Koch Media parent reports growth across all divisions as it adds 13 new studios
  98. Thunderful Group intends to go public to raise cash for further acquisitions
  99. Thunderful Group prepares for IPO on NASDAQ First North Premier: Listing expected to raise close to $90 million for Swedish games firm, company valued at $395 million
  100. Female-led Queens Gaming Collective raises $1.5m: Gaming lifestyle company launches after seed round led by Bitkraft Ventures
  101. Mobile startup Lila Games raises $2.8m: Indian developer attracts investment from execs at Super Evil Megacorp and Machine Zone
  102. Conversation as the crewmate: Understanding the rise of Among Us: Barbie Koelker from conversation analysis platform Spiketrap explores Among Us’ growing popularity
  103. New toolbox shows teachers how to best use games in their classroom
  104. Wiggin acquires games law firm Purewal & Partners: Founder Jas Purewal is joining as partner, alongside his team
  105. All eyes on esports: staying ahead of the legal hurdles: As investment pours into the sector, legal firm Reed Smith offers advice to new companies seeking to avoid legal pitfalls
  106. The pandemic-fuelled esports boom: legal and regulatory considerations for investors
  107. NRG Esports Unveils Sprawling Content Creation “Castle” In Los Angeles
  108. Valve adds extensive developer commentary to Half-Life: Alyx
  109. Double win for Valve at 2020 VR Awards: Index headset won best hardware, while Half-Life: Alyx was crowned Game of the Year
  110. VR dev Resolution Games kicks off push into publishing with Odd Raven deal
  111. Resolution Games launches VR publishing arm: First partnership will bring Odd Raven Studio’s Carly and the Reaperman to Oculus Quest and Quest 2 next year
  112. Video: Lessons in developing functional artificial intelligence using VR
  113. Blog: The psychology of irresistible game offers
  114. Blog: 12 misconceptions that hurt the player experience
  115. Blog: Roguelike lessons horror games need to learn
  116. Blog: Spilt Milk Devlog 06 – Fascism Fighters 4000 (Part 1)
  117. Blog: What mechanics should you add to an Early Access game?
  118. Video: Porting your game to Oculus Quest
  119. Video: Why Survios builds new tech for games like Battlewake
  120. Don’t Miss: Looking back to Mark Cerny’s 2013 tech breakdown of the then-next-gen PS4
  121. Don’t Miss: Bad crediting hurts the game industry and muddles history
  122. Don’t Miss: How games like Super Mario Galaxy and Demon’s Souls handle subjective difficulty
  123. Don’t Miss: Inside the development of Supergiant Games’ Hades
  124. Q&A: Why Assassin’s Creed Valhalla did away with side quests
  125. The Last of Us Part 2, Hades dominate The Game Awards nominations: Sony received 22 nominations for its published games, including ten for The Last of Us Part 2
  126. U.S. Patent No. 10,471,357: Systems and methods for simulating a particular user in an interactive computer system