News of the Week; November 8, 2017

DIGITAL Did a U.S. Court Just Disrespect the Supreme Court of Canada’s Global De-Indexing Decision? US judge says “global de-indexing order” against Google threatens free speech: Canada’s highest court sought to alter search results, but it won’t apply in US. Equustek No-Shows Legal Challenge Of Canadian Court Order Demanding Google Delist Sites Worldwide Company that […]

News of the Week; November 1, 2017

DIGITAL Association Isn’t Liable for Its Members’ Message Board Postings–Inge v. Central Motorcycle     Roadracing Association (Eric Goldman) European Court Rules On Internet Jurisdiction (Andres Guadamuz) TripAdvisor removed warnings about rapes and injuries at Mexico resorts, tourists say Appeals court keeps alive the never-ending Linux case, SCO v. IBM: SCO says IBM released a “sham” version of […]

Class #8

Class #8

Slides below… Jon

News of the Week; October 25, 2017

DIGITAL  Demers v. Yahoo Inc: Québec Court Confirms that Québec Consumer Law Applies to Free Online Services Google Removed Catalonian Referendum App Following Spanish Court Order Another Court Rejects ‘Material Support To Terrorists’ Claims Against Social Media Sites–Gonzalez v. Google (Eric Goldman) Controversial “Gripe Site” Protected (Again) by the Communications Decency Act and Defeats Novel […]

News of the Week; October 18, 2017

DIGITAL It’s 11 p.m., do you know where your ads are?: B.C. businesses and schools hurry to distance themselves from controversial media organizations after activists raise alarm over advertising with Breitbart and others An open letter to Mr Bezos, Mr Pichai and Mr Zuckerberg to tear down Breitbart News New Whistleblowers Highlight How Russia’s Information […]

News of the Week; October 11, 2017

DIGITAL Catalan independence websites blocked by Spanish government in bid to stop referendum: ‘Blocking domain name servers is doing what Turkey does and what China does and North Korea does’ The Disturbing Rise Of Cyberattacks Against Abortion Clinics Iran Cracks Down On Movie Pirates In The Most Inception-Esque Manner Possible Russia Moves to Block Cryptocurrency […]

News of the Week; October 4, 2017

DIGITAL Bad Info Follows Every Tragedy. Don’t Fall For It Google’s Top Stories Promoted Misinformation About the Las Vegas Shooting From 4Chan  Google admits citing 4chan to spread fake Vegas shooter news: 4chan was, for some reason, counted among Google News’ “authoritative” sources. The Death Loop This “Ghost Gun” Machine Now Makes Untraceable Metal Handguns […]

Slides Class #4

Slides Class #4

Here they are. See you in two weeks. Jon

News of the Week; September 27, 2017

DIGITAL Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit divisions over Black Lives Matter and Muslims Facebook’s Frankenstein Moment Facebook Can Absolutely Control Its Algorithm Facebook revamps political-ad rules after discovering Russian ad buys: Shadowy Russian group spent $100,000 on political ads during the 2016 election. Mark Zuckerberg Is Still Pissed That We Know About His […]

Jonathan Zittrain on Memes & Society

Promised yesterday as we were discussing how memes fit into normative and legal frameworks to post this awesome talk by Prof. Jonathan Zittrain of HLS on the subject. Enjoy. You will (I promise)…. Jon